After Commentary

Despite a few days of bad weather, we had a wonderful trip. We really enjoyed the towns we visited, the places we saw and the people we met along the way.


Anyone who doubts the future of humanity needs to take a road trip in a cool old car. Anyone who doubts their ability to refrain from whining needs to do the trip in a car with a top and a windshield.


It is remarkable that we drove from Whittier, Alaska to Fairbanks, Alaska, down the Cassiar Highway and back to Mt. Vernon, Washington (about 3,000 miles) in a 1915 Model T Speedster towing a Teardrop Trailer without any car trouble. We didnít have so much as a flat tier and the tread on the tiers still looks like new.


It was a good trip and in all the weather was good. We only had three days of miserable rain and the rest was either absolutely beautiful or manageable.

Alaska 2009

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