Days 21 - August 31, 2009

Miles Traveled: 341.75 miles

Notable Stops: Left Boya Lake, stopped at Jade City, ate lunch in Dease Lake, arrived in Hyder

Daily High:

Daily Low:

Notable weather: Clear and beautiful

Jess’ Voice: Nonexistent Once in Stewart


Back on the Road


Our itinerary said we were going to stop and stay the night in Dease Lake. However we decided we wanted to drive further and possibly make it to Stewart/Hyder tonight.


Somewhere on the highway Matt pulled over to take a picture of the car with the mountains in the background. While taking pictures he decided the best vantage point for a picture meant lying in the middle of the highway. So, Matt did just that. He lay in the middle of the highway and took several pictures. Only on the Cassiar Highway would this be possible.


We stopped in Jade City and bought a chunk of rough jade from the jade shop. We stopped in Dease Lake and ate lunch at Mamma Z’s restaurant.


The Teardrop Survives Its First Car Accident


While enjoying our soup and sandwiches at Mamma Z’s a guy hit our Teardrop as he was backing out of his parking spot. Matt jumped out of his seat in the restaurant and ran out to the parking lot to inspect the trailer for damage. Fortunately there was no damage. The guy was going very slow and when his back bumper hit the rear passenger side of our Teardrop just behind the wheel he just pushed the Teardrop sideways on the dirt about four feet.


Lots of Dust


After lunch we drove through a construction zone. I feel asleep while we were following the pilot car through the construction zone. I opened my eyes a couple times only to see dusty filling the air and Matt holding his hand over his mouth and nose to keep from breathing so much dust. When I finally did wake up I was convinced we were still in the middle of a dust cloud. Then I realized we were long out of the dust cloud and my sunglasses were caked with dust.


It’s Official, the Speedster is Bear Repellant


When we got to Bell 2 to fill up with gas we decided we definitely wanted to keep going to Stewart/Hyder.


Matt and I have wanted to see at least one bear close enough to take a picture. We were beginning to think there was something about us that repelled bears. We were almost correct.


Between Bell 2 and Stewart/Hyder we saw 6 bears at various points along the road. Each time we would come upon a bear alongside the road the bear would hear us coming. It would then look like it wanted to bolt. Then it would see us coming and look like it wanted to stick around. Finally when we got close enough to take a picture the bear would become very afraid of our car and its sound and take off running into the woods. This made it very difficult to get any pictures of the bears and impossible to get a decent picture.




The drive into Stewart as absolutely beautiful. The road winds along the river. The river flows around mountains spotted with glaciers. The glaciers drip down the mountain sides into the rivers.


On the road into Stewart I lost my voice completely and my zipper pull broke again.


Once in Stewart we pulled into the first RV park we found. It was just after 9pm and not quite dark yet. The guy in the office rushed out and told us we needed to park our car as soon as possible because it was so loud. We are used to people joking about the healthy sound of our car so we didn’t think much of this comment until we tried to check in. As Matt was trying to check in the guy told Matt, “We normally don’t let people park after dark.”


Matt said, “I’m sorry, I had no idea. We can go elsewhere.”


The guy responded with, “It ain’t no problem.”


I wondered, if it wasn’t a problem why they mentioned it. Also, I didn’t like the guy’s attitude. I told Matt with the whisper of a voice I had left but loud enough for the guy to hear, “I don’t want to stay here. Lets go into Hyder.”


Matt gave the guy his pen and registration card back and we left.


As we drove out of the RV park, I told Matt in my whisper of a voice, “The funny thing is, at least half the people already camping in that RV park are probably disappointed we left. They’ve probably passed us along the way and were happy to see us pull into the RV park because they’ve been wanting to speak to us.”




We arrived in Hyder before 9:30pm and checked into the Camp Run-A-Muck RV Park. The camp host was very hospitable and we liked the looks of the campground.


After checking in we set up camp, showered, ate dinner and went to bed.


Speedster and Teardrop at Jade City Speedster on Section of Cassier Highway
Speedster and Teardrop Along a Section of the Cassiar Highway  Speedster and Teardrop Along a Section of the Cassiar Highway with Paint
Speedster and Teardrop Along a Section of the Cassiar Highway with Paint Section of the Cassiar Highway with Paint
Section of the Cassiar Highway with Paint Speedster and Teardrop Along a Section of the Cassiar Highway with Paint
Bear Running from Our Bear Repellant (aka Speedster) Bear About to Run from Our Bear Repellant (aka Speedster)
Glacier on Road Into Stewart/Hyder Glacier on Road Into Stewart/Hyder
Glacier on Road Into Stewart/Hyder
Alaska 2009

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