Days 23 - September 2, 2009

Miles Traveled:

Notable Stops: Left Hyder, arrived in Terrace, British Columbia

Daily High:

Daily Low:

Notable weather: Mostly sunny, warm enough to knit while driving and pleasant

Jess’ Voice: Still nonexistent


A Scenic Drive


Leaving Hyder meant we had to cross the boarder back into Canada. Hyder was also the last Alaskan city we will see on our trip. Matt and I both really like Hyder.

When we left Hyder it looked like a storm was moving in. However, the sky was still mostly sunny. We enjoyed the drive out of town as the road winds along the river through the glacier covered mountains.


We took Highway 37A out of Stewart/Hyder to Highway 37 (the Cassiar Highway). Then we turned onto a Forest Service Road through Nass Camp. The Forrest Service road is 58-kilometer dirt road. It is a bit rough but not nearly as rough as the road to the glaciers yesterday. Since I felt much better today than I did yesterday I enjoyed this road a lot. Still, the bad bumps in the Forest Service road made my head hurt though.


Also, Matt and I got warn enough on the Forrest Service road that we took our helmets and outer jackets off for the drive. I also knit while we drove all the way into Terrace.


We visited the lava beds and turned onto Highway 113 (Nisga’a Highway) around New Aiyansh. We took this highway into the town of Terrace.


We Crawled Out of The Bush in Our Time Machine


When we made it to the outskirts of Terrace we were greeted by freshly painted houses with square walls, well-manicured lawns and neatly trimmed hedges. When we saw this we figured Terrace must be a pretty nice town.


When we actually got into Terrace we were surprised to discover it is actually a decent size city with chain stores, stoplights and restaurants that serve fountain drinks. In fact, when we passed through the first stop light in town we tried to remember the last time we saw a stoplight. Matt and I both decided it was back in Fairbanks, Alaska.


Sitting on the patio the Boston Pizza (a chain restaurant), drinking our fountain drinks I told Matt, “I feel like we just crawled out of the bush in a time machine.” Matt felt the same way. I said it sort of being funny but it wasn’t far from the truth since many towns we’d just been in and traveled through are referred to as the bush and our 94 year old car is such a blast from the past


Change of Plans


We planned to finish the day in Prince Rupert. However, the waitress at the restaurant told us it is supposed to rain tomorrow and keep raining through the weekend. Since it would be late when we got the Prince Rupert, we were only going to stay the night and it was supposed to rain we decided not to go to Prince Rupert and stay in Terrace instead.


After finding a drug store to stock up on more cold medicine (I still have no voice at all) we found a campsite with electricity at the Ferry Island Municipal Park and set up camp. This is a pretty park. We’ll leave here tomorrow and not go to the coast again until we get to Vancouver.


Speedster and Teardrop at Campsite in Camp Run-A-Muck in Hyder Speedster and Teardrop in Front of The Bus in Hyder
Sign as Leaving Hyder Entering Hyder
Bear Along Road Out of Stewart/Hyder Glacier Along Road Out of Stewart/Hyder
Glacier Along Road Out of Stewart/Hyder Road Along River Leaving Stewart/Hyder
Leaving Stewart/Hyder River Along Forest Service Road to Nass Camp
Speedster and Teardrop on Forest Service Road to Nass Camp Totem Poles in New Aiyansh
Jess, Speedster and Teardrop in New Aiyansh Jess, Speedster and Teardrop in New Aiyansh
Speedster and Teardrop at the Lava Bed Information Center Road Along Lava Lake
Alaska 2009

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