Days 25 - September 4, 2009

Miles Traveled:

Notable Stops: Left Vanderhoof, British Columbia, arrived in Lac La Hace, British Columbia

Daily High:

Daily Low:

Notable weather: Mostly sunny and pleasant, rained while we were asleep, nice enough to knit while driving

Jess’ Voice: Barely existed at times but nonexistent most of the time


Leaving Vanderhoof


As we were leaving Dave’s RV Park this morning the owners (a husband and wife team) were both on the driveway with their cameras in hand. We stopped and they took pictures. Then the wife gave us a bag of blueberry muffins she made. That was so cool. (They were so tasty.) We thanked her for her hospitality. We thanked them both for a wonderful stay and we were on our way.




The drive today was on the highway. In terms of the amount of traffic and amount of lanes on the highway I’d say the drive was about like driving Highway 99 between Sacramento and Bakersfield in the middle of a weekday.


The highway took us through rolling hills and farmland and we didn’t stop to take pictures because there weren’t many opportunities. There were no landmarks so spectacularly beautiful that we were compelled to stop for a picture either.


The weather however, was spectacularly beautiful. It didn’t rain. It was mostly sunny. It was wonderful. I was even able to take my gloves off and crochet while driving.


Lunch in Prince George


We stopped in Prince George to get yarn at Michaels and have lunch.


As we were trying to get back to the highway, we drove through the parking lot of a Canadian Tire. (Canadian Tire is a chain store up here that is sort of like a cross between Sears and WalMart I guess). Driving through the parking lot our Chatter Box (the intercom system we have in our motorcycle helmets) started picking up someone else’s conversation.


The Chatter Box does this from time to time and it is really annoying. This time however, we realized the people having the conversation were in the same parking lot as us. We realized the people were talking on those walki talki phones. The lady was trying to direct the guy to her location. She was at the “Gas Bar” (gas station) on the other side of the Canadian Tire. The guy didn’t understand the directions she was giving him. So she finally asked him, “Did you see where that crazy contraption with the two guys wearing the matching helmets went?” As she was saying this, Matt and I looked to our left and saw we were in front of the lady saying this.


We both waived at her. Matt tried to get in on their conversation (clearly we were on the same channel) and explain the crazy contraption was a 1915 Model T Speedster. But, neither of us has figured out how to use the CB function on the Chatter Box yet. So, we just drove off in our “crazy contraption” chuckling.


Ran Out of Gas Again


We gassed up in Prince George. Shortly thereafter we passed a gas station but did not top off. We figured since we were back in a pretty well populated area we would not have trouble getting gas when we needed it.


Hours down the road we needed gas. Matt looked for a station for 50 miles but did not find one. Finally, we could not go on. We were out of gas. On the shoulder of the road Matt put the 5 gallons from the gas can on the tongue, in the gas tank. As he was doing that several very large trucks zoomed by, hitting us with their walls of wind.


One of the walls of wind blew the rear hatch of the tailgate up a bit and knocked down the arms holding up the rear hatch. When this happened one of the arms fell on the ground. The hatch slammed down on the other arm and broke it. Fortunately, it was still usable but not as conveniently as before it was broken.


Once we were back on the road again, we crested the hill we were driving up and we saw a gas station. We ran out of gas not two miles from this gas station. We definitely filled up here.


Williams Lake


We planned to stay the night in Williams Lake but when we got to Williams Lake the only RV Park we found was at the fairgrounds. We didn’t want to stay there. So, we pulled into the parking lot of another Canadian Tire and pulled out the Mile Post for help. We couldn’t really find much in the way of RV Parks in Williams Lake in the Mile Post either.


Before leaving for the next town down the road we spoke to the many people gathered around the Speedster. This time while parked, what appeared to be the entire team of mechanics at the Canadian Tire came out to the parking lot to check out the car.


One of the people we spoke to suggested we head to Lac La Heca because there were good campgrounds there.


We Lost Some of Our Gear


Off we went to Lac La Heca for the night. However, we didn’t make it far before a lady passed us on a hill in a construction zone and started making gestures indicating something was wrong with our rig. Matt looked back and realized he didn’t close the rear hatch of the Teardrop back in the Canadian Tire parking lot.


Matt pulled over as soon as he could. He was sure everything must have fallen out the back of the Teardrop. Upon inspection we realized we were lucky. We only lost one sleeping bag and my tripod.


We decided to backtrack in hopes of finding our lost gear. We backtracked all the way to the Canadian Tire parking lot. We didn’t find anything. Matt went into the Canadian Tire and the Gas Bar to check the lost and found. He found nothing. We left the same way we left the first time and looked on the road again. Still nothing.


The gear was lost. For quite a while, Matt kicked himself for what we lost. I was happy we didn’t lose more. I was also happy that the things we did lose aren’t needed to complete our trip, they are easily replaced and they weren’t very valuable.


Mishaps are the spice of life, remember.


Lac La Hace


We arrived in Lac La Hace and got a camp spot on the lake at the Crystal Springs RV Park. The lake was beautiful. The RV park was nice.


After speaking to several fellow guests at the RV park for a while we went to bed. Although it looked like rain was coming we did not tarp the car and trailer.

Matt with Speedster and Teardrop at Dave's RV Park in Vanderhoof, British Columbia Dave's RV Park in Vanderhoof, British Columbia
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