Days 26 - September 5, 2009

Miles Traveled:

Notable Stops: Left Lac La Hache, British Columbia, arrived in Whistler, British Columbia

Daily High:

Daily Low:

Notable Weather: Rained in the wee morning hours, then patches of sun until late afternoon, then rain until evening, then patches of sun once we were in the RV park

Jessí Voice: Barely existed at times but nonexistent most of the time


I woke up periodically during the night and wondered why it was not raining yet. Finally, a couple hours before we got up to start the day it did rain.


By the time we were ready to get up and leave, the rain stopped and there was another sucker hole above our heads. I was not sure how much longer these sucker holes could follow us around. But I was happy to see it again.


Marble Canyon


To get to Whistler we took Highway 99 through Marble Canyon. The drive was absolutely beautiful. We did stop to take pictures today.


When we stopped at the pull out above the town of Lilooet, Matt took off his rain gear. I considered doing the same because it had not rained on us yet and it was partially sunny and warm. However, another couple that was also pulled over in the pull out pointed to the clouds where it was clearly raining. They told us we were headed into them. I decided to take my rain jacket off but leave my rain pants on.


Several miles now the road it began raining. We pulled over and I put my rain jacket back on. Several miles after that it began raining harder and for longer periods of time. We pulled over again and Matt put his rain gear on.


Speedster Being Difficult


We stopped at Duffy Lake to take more pictures of the scenery. When we were done with our pictures, done talking to fellow travelers and they were done with their pictures we tried to leave.


I say we tried to leave because the Speedster did not want to start. The needle seat in the carburetor has started leaking when the car sits. This causes the carburetor to flood. Usually Matt turns the gas off at the gas tank to stop this from happening. But this was just going to be a short stop. Shutting off the gas should not have been necessary.


Upon trying to start the car, the started began smoking. Mattís starting ritual didnít seem any different this time than the other times the carburetor flooded. But this time the car was being difficult. Matt let the starter cool off. Then he put water on the starter case to ensure it was cool. We sat a little longer to make extra sure it was cool. Matt tried to start the car again. Again the starter began to smoke. Matt was sure the starter was toast. I thought the car wanted to be crank started because it heard a fellow traveler ask Matt to crank start it.


Third time was a charm. After sitting a while longer to let things cool down Matt got the car started.


When we stopped for gas several miles down the road the starter, started the car without a problem. Iím pretty sure it is not broken.




We arrived in Whistler and pulled into the first RV park we found. They did not have any open RV spaces. They did have dry camping available in their parking lot. They gave Matt a list of all the surrounding RV parks. Matt and I looked at the list. There wasnít much further down the road and back tracking was not an option.


Matt went back in to accept a dry camping space. However, as Matt and I were discussing our options in the parking lot, someone canceled their RV space.


We ended up in an RV space after all.


Once in our RV space Matt heated water for tea, hot chocolate and dinner. After that he began routine maintenance on the car. While doing the maintenance it quit raining.




We were thinking about staying here in Whistler two nights but itís a holiday weekend and I donít think weíll be able to find another RV spot. Weíll probably end up spending two nights in Vancouver rather than one as well. There are some things Matt wants to see in Vancouver anyway.


The rear end seal on the passenger side of the car blew. So the rear end is slinging smelly grease all over the back of the car and front of the Teardrop. Matt says it wonít hurt anything. Itís just messy. It also leads people to inform us our brakes are leaking. Matt said he is going to start telling people it is our blinker fluid leaking, not our mechanical brakes. J

Marble Canyon Marble Canyon
Marble Canyon Marble Canyon and the Town of Lilooet
e Canyon and the Town of Lilooet
Speedster and Teardrop in Front of a Logjam Logjam
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