Days 28 - September 7, 2009

Miles Traveled:

Notable Stops: Left Mt. Vernon, Washington, arrived in Seattle, Washington

Daily High:

Daily Low:

Notable Weather: Drizzled Rain

Jess’ Voice: Nonexistent


No Tea at the Empress


Apparently I coughed so much last night I kept Matt up most the night. I felt terrible when I woke up in the morning too. Matt decided I needed to go to the doctor as soon as possible. He thought we should forego tea at the Empress. He asked what I thought. I didn’t want to skip tea but I really felt terrible. So, we decided to skip tea and head home so I could go to the doctor. 


Art and Helen still weren’t home when we woke up in the morning. We didn’t think they’d be back until much later in the day. We loaded the Teardrop on the bed of the truck, locked up the barn and got ready to leave.


Car Trouble?!


Matt took the Speedster back to Larry’s to visit him before we left. I stayed at Art and Helen’s and slept in the Teardrop. Matt and Larry visited for a while at Larry’s house then they went out to the Speedster to go for a ride.


Anticipating only a short while between parking in Larry’s driveway and leaving again to take him for a ride, Matt didn’t turn the gas off in the Speedster. So, when Matt returned to the Speedster with Larry the Speedster was flooded. Matt hit the button for the starter. The solenoid just clicked. Matt tried the starter button again with the same result. Thinking the solenoid was bad Matt bypassed it. The car still didn’t start. With that Matt knew the battery was dead. Larry pulled out a battery charger. With the battery charge, Matt was able to get the Speedster started.


Matt and Larry drove around a bit. They even went to the care home Larry’s wife lives in. Everyone there already read our log in the binder Kathy (Matt’s mom) printed and mailed to Larry. So, everyone was excited to see the car in person.


No Need to Visit the Doctor


On our way out of Mt. Vernon Matt decided to call the doctor to get an appointment so I could definitely see the doctor as soon as we got home. When Matt spoke to the advise nurse the advise nurse told Matt it sounds like I have a viral infection, the doctor probably would not need to see me for such symptoms and there isn’t much the doctor can do for me except treat the symptoms. The advise nurse said a prescription for my coughing and wheezing could be called into a national pharmacy and we could get it filled in Seattle.


Since seeing the doctor wasn’t going to do anything for me, Matt and I decided not to drive all the way home today. Instead we decided to go to Clay and Michaelynn’s to visit and rest. At this point, even though we were still going to be in Washington tomorrow (when we were to go to Victoria Island and have tea), tea was no longer practical.


Amazing What You Can Handle With a Windshield and a Top


I am pretty sure it rained a fair amount while we drove from Mt. Vernon to Seattle. When I did notice it was raining I thought, “It is amazing what you can handle with a windshield and a top on your car.” There was no thought or effort driving through the rain in the truck.


Stuffing the Doggy


On the drive to Seattle we stopped at a WalMart to get nylons and fiberfill so I could stuff the doggy I made for Abigail. Fiberfill is stuffing for stuffed animals. Abigail is the newest family member. She was born to Matt’s cousins while we were on our trip.


As I stuffed the doggy I started crocheting the other day while ridding in the Speedster Matt said, “We can tell Josh and Risa (Abigail’s parents) that the doggy was born in a Speedster on the Alcan.”


As I finished stuffing the doggy and sewing him together Matt and I decided Matt would put the doggy in the washer and dryer at Clay and Michaelynn’s. Matt would then wrap the doggy so it would be disinfected and safe to give to Abigail.


Visiting Clay and Michaelynn


Not long after arriving and Clay and Michaelynn’s, Clay and Matt went to Walgreen’s to pick up my prescriptions. Although I started to feel a bit better after taking the medicine, I still did not have a voice.


Fiona (who is three years old) told me she wanted me to speak English. I could not convince her that I was. Matt explained that I lost my voice on the trip. Fiona insisted Matt and I go back and find my voice. Michaelynn explained that I was not being funny. I got sick and lost my voice. A bit later Fiona approached me and pulled an imaginary object out of her pocket and gave it to me. She explained, “I found your voice.” I thanked her and told her I’d put it in my pocket for safe keeping until it was ready to be used.


We all ate dinner at Ray’s Café, which overlooks the Puget Sound. It was good food.


Doggy Jess Made for Abigail While on the Road
Alaska 2009

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