Days 29 - September 8, 2009

Miles Traveled:

Notable Stops: Left Seattle, Washington, arrived in Springfield, Oregon

Daily High:

Daily Low:

Notable Weather: Partially cloudy and warm enough to put shorts on

Jess’ Voice: Nonexistent until the afternoon when it started coming back


It was nice to sleep in a bed last night. It was also nice to have room to stretch out while sleeping. (The sleeping area in the Teardrop is 6 foot 2 inches long by 4 feet wide.)


For breakfast we had tea, zucchini bread, roles and these really good fruit and oatmeal bars Michaelynn made.


Since I was missing out on Tea at the Empress Michaelynn gave me a container of tea that she got when she had tea at the Empress.


Fiona was still frustrated that I could not speak louder than a whisper. She continued insisting I speak English and that I go back to Canada and find my voice. I told her when my voice comes back I’ll call her and let her know.


Before we left Fiona wanted to see inside the Teardrop so Matt picked her up and put her inside. She thought it was so neat. It was like a fort. She wanted to see what it looked like with the door shut so Matt shut the door.


Thinking Fiona might be scarred with the door shut Matt opened the door a few moments after closing it only to have Fiona say, “Close the door, Uncle Matt, I’m sleeping.” She definitely wasn’t scared with the door shut.


As we were out playing “fort” in the Teardrop a neighbor kid pulled his mom outside to see the “cool car parked on the street.”


Before long we left Seattle and began our drive home.


Summer Cloths Again


At our first stop for gas between Seattle and Portland I pulled my shorts out of the corner of my box in the Teardrop. When I shook them out they were so wrinkled I could hardly tell they were shorts. I told Matt, “My shorts look like they’ve been stuffed in a corner for a  month…oh wait, they have been stuffed in a corner for a month.”


I put on my shorts and was happy that for the first time in a month it was warm enough to wear summer cloths. The funny thing is, when we get home it will be hot and warm enough to water ski without wetsuits for an other month or more.


Meeting Abigail


Josh, Risa and Abigail live in Portland, which is on the way home. So we stopped by to give Risa her belated baby shower gift (the doggy for Abigail). We told them that we would not stay long so I would not infect them. They were fine with us stopping by.


We stayed only a few minutes (long enough to say hi, see Risa open the doggy, see Abigail and pet the kitties). I stayed in the entryway and didn’t touch anything but the kitty (who has been feeling neglected since Abigail was born 5 days ago).


My voice started coming back as Matt and I were getting in to truck to leave.


Staying the Night In Springfield


In Springfield we went to sushi with William and stayed the night in William’s living room.


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