Days 3 - August 13, 2009

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We woke up at Clay and Michaelynn’s, visited for a while then set off for Mt. Vernon. After stopping at Old Navy, stopping for gas and then stopping for lunch we arrived at Art and Helen’s in Mt. Vernon. Art and Helen’s is where we stayed the night.


Art and Helen are letting us keep our truck and trailer at their house until we return from our adventure.


Just a few minutes after our arrival in Mt. Vernon I realized I left my leopard pillow at Clay and Michaelynn’s. Not long after the realization, Michaelynn called to tell me I left the pillow. She offered to bring it up to us. I thanked her and told her Fiona could look after it while we are gone. (Fiona went gaga over the pillow when she saw it. She pulled out a leopard suite she has and showed me how it is the exact same fabric as my pillow.)


We unloaded the Speedster then the Teardrop Trailer. After Matt put the axel back on the Teardrop we visited with Art and Helen for a while. Then headed out for a bit to visit an old Fair Oaks, California resident for a while.


Later in the evening Matt and I went to dinner with Art and Helen at a Mexican restaurant, visited the “guys night out” shop, returned to Art and Helen’s, visited a while longer then went to bed.


Art moved his Buick Speedster forward a few feet in the barn so Matt and I could pull the Teardrop into the barn. That not only meant we wouldn’t have to hear the rain pelting the top of the trailer at night but it also meant I had electricity to plug in my computer. So, I worked on preparing the Yosemite tour pictures from last weekend for the NCRG club web site.

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