Days 30 - September 9, 2009

Miles Traveled:

Notable Stops: Left Springfield, Oregon, arrived at home

Daily High:

Daily Low:

Notable Weather: Sunny and warm. Hot when we get to California.

Jessí Voice: Coming back but still sounding funny


Williamís couch was comfortable.


After leaving Williamís house we went to breakfast at McDonalds and began the rest of the drive home.


We arrived home in the late afternoon/early evening. I was very happy to be home.


The Kitties


The kitties (Lincoln and Shelby) were happy to see us. When we came in the house they did not try to escape. We held them and pet them then opened the door to let them out. They did not want to go out yet. We held them and pet them more. Finally, one of them asked to go out. We let them both out. It only took a couple minutes and they both wanted back inside. They must have really missed us because they just followed us around the rest of the night.

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