Days 5 - August 15, 2009

I have more good pictures than time to put them on this web page so in the interest of keeping everyone up to date I'll just post my write ups and a few photos. As I get the "official" pages done I'll upload them. 

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Notable weather: Mostly clear skies and warm


Last night Matt and I slept terribly. Matt and I decided not to bring the camp mats up from the Teardrop and instead try to sleep without them. Matt groaned about how hard the deck of the boat was. I complained about how cold the deck was. At 12:30am Matt went down to the car deck when it was open and grabbed the camp mats. When he returned to the tent with the mats we laid them out in the tent. Once we were resting on them we were much more comfortable. I warmed up and Matt stopped groaning.


Today was a mostly clear day but it was pretty warm. So much so that Matt went down to the car deck and brought up the sunscreen so we wouldn’t get burnt while lounging in the sun.


Boat Bluff Lighthouse


We spent the day underway in Canadian waters. The boat sailed very close to the lighthouse at Boat Bluff so we could all see the lighthouse and so the Captain could toot the horn hello at his friend the lighthouse keeper who had been on holiday.


“The Boat Bluff Lighthouse is on the south end of Sarah Island about 3 miles north of Klemtu along the Inside Passage” (Lighthouses of British Columbia, bclights/bbluff/).


Wild Life


We saw many whales breaching in the channel and many Coho Salmon jumping in the water. The whales I saw were too far off in the distance to get decent pictures. However, Matt filmed a few whales jumping up and down in the water.


Forest Service Interpreter


The boat has a Forest Service “Interpreter” named Costanzio who gives little talks about the things we might see while underway and the towns we are passing. We listened to his talk today. He talked about the Tongus National Forest (which is the forest we will enter tomorrow) and Ketchikan (which is the city we stop at first tomorrow).


Costanzio warned us at his talk that we would be entering open waters in about an hour and if we are prone to motion sickness we should take a motion sickness pill. I took his warning seriously and took a Bonine.


Relaxing on the Ferry


After the talk I spent some time knitting on the back deck by the tent. After a while Matt went to the movie lounge and watched a movie. I could feel that the water was rougher as the boat began rocking about more than before. I also got a bit tired of knitting and decided to go to the lower observation lounge on the 6th deck to work on the Yosemite layout for the NCRG web page a bit more. I also worked on my own pictures of this trip.


After the movie and working on the pictures, Matt and I both enjoyed a relaxing mid-day nap in the tent on the back deck of the boat.


All You Can Eat Buffet on the Ferry


Dinner tonight was a special treat. Instead of eating a backpacking meal for dinner we ate one for lunch and went to the dinner buffet in the dinning room of the ferry at sunset. The food was excellent. There was pasta, poached halibut, chicken, pork ribs, an array of various salads, delicious clam chowder, several different pies for desert and pudding.


This boat has both a dinning room and a cafeteria. The dinning room is really nice and overlooks the fantail of the boat. The meals in the dinning room start at about $15 a plate and are more expensive than in the cafeteria. We have not tried the cafeteria yet. The food looks pretty good and is reasonably priced though.


After dinner we visited with more boat passengers. Many of the passengers who admired our car and trailer in the parking lot have visited with us on the boat. Everyone I have spoken with on the boat has been very friendly. There are many military men and women on the boat and a number of people moving to Alaska. The rest of the passengers (much like us) seem to be out for an adventure.




In the restroom today a girl approached me and told me that Matt and I have a really cool car.
Matt Taking Video Jess Knitting on the "Porch" of the Tent
Matt Off the Port Side of the Boat
The  Boat Bluff Lighthouse in British Columbia
Alaska 2009

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