Days 6 - August 16, 2009

I have more good pictures than time to put them on this web page so in the interest of keeping everyone up to date I'll just post my write ups and a few photos. As I get the "official" pages done I'll upload them. 


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Notable weather: Partly cloudy in the morning, cloudy and misty in the afternoon to evening, rainy in the evening


I slept well last night. I was warm and comfortable. Matt probably could have slept better. He told me he wishes he took me up on getting him an extra foam pad to put in the case with his sleeping pad.


During the wee morning hours it rained on us. Fortunately we have a waterproof tent so we were unaffected by the water.


I worked more on my knit shrug. I finished the last sleeve this morning. However, the circumference of the sleeves was a little smaller than I like so I immediately started knitting a little insert for each sleeve. Ill sew the insert into the bottom side of each sleeve.


Ketchikan, Alaska


This morning the boat docked at Ketchikan for about an hour and a half.


The channel in Ketchikan is interesting because it is not only a channel for ships but also an airport for floatplanes. Across the channel from the town of Ketchikan is an airport for standard planes.


In Ketchikan, Matt and I caught a cab into town. We were on a mission to get a charm for my bracelet from Diamonds International and a squished penny for my collection.


When Matt and I were on our honeymoon the cruise ship gave us coupons for a charm at Diamonds International. Each port had its own charm. I remembered looking at the card and seeing that there were Diamonds International locations in Alaska. Ketchikan was one of the locations.


Though I did not have my card the guy at Diamonds International let me buy two charms for a total of $5 and told me to show the charms at the next locations so I could get future charms on the trip for free. The other locations I can get charms at here in Alaska are Juneau and Skagway. Fortunately we will be in both places so I will be sure to get charms there too.


After taking care of the charm and squished penny business we walked around downtown a bit and took pictures. Then we began our brisk 2.2-mile walk from downtown back to the ferry terminal to catch the boat before it pulled out of port.


Getting back to the ferry on time is very important because passengers do get left behind.


After we were on the ferry but before the ferry left port several floatplanes buzzed the ferry as they were taking off. As soon as I grabbed my camera to photograph one buzzing us they all stopped.


Once the boat got underway again Matt and I ate a chilidog and fries in the cafeteria. They were both good and the portions were generous.


Wrangell, Alaska


On the way into port in Wrangell it was obvious that the channel got considerably shallower because the water turned from black to chalky emerald green (like the water in Bullards Bar Reservoir in Northern California) to muddy tan.


The Wrangell ferry terminal parking lot is where the town kids sell garnets they get out of the garnet ledge in the Stikine River.


The last owner of the garnet ledge on the Stikine River in Wrangell willed the location to the Boys Scouts under the condition that the children of Wrangle be able to collect garnets from the area and sell them.


From one town kid I purchased three $1 garnets, one $5 garnet and one garnet still lodged in the rock they come from. These are not gem grade garnets but they are still cool and Ill probably set the three $1 garnets in Precious Metal Clay anyway.


Underway to Petersburg then Juneau, Alaska


We passed through the Wrangell Narrows after leaving Wrangell. They call it the Wrangell Narrows because on average the channel is half mile wide. However, that is an average. At points the channel is only 300 feet wide. The channel is also only 19 feet deep at points and the ferry drafts 16 feet. The Narrows are only wide enough for one boat our size at a time and we are the largest boat allowed in the Narrows.


This evening in the Upper Observation Lounge a lady sat next to me on the couch and said, I understand you are associated with The Car. I told her, Yes, my husband and I own The Car. The lady then introduced herself and we began talking. The Car has become quite notorious on the boat.

Downtown Ketchikan Walking Back to the Ferry from Downtown Ketchikan
Jess Demonstrates How to Make Friends with a Polar Bear Matt Demonstrates How to Make Enemies with a Polar Bear
Harbor in Ketchikan Along the Warngell Narrows
Alaska 2009

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