Days 8 - August 18, 2009

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Back to the Glacier


We woke up before the alarm went off. I looked out the door of the Teardrop and saw that the sun was shining. I told Matt, “If we get up now we can go back to the glacier before we get on the ferry.” Matt liked that idea so we got up right away, quickly packed up camp and said our goodbyes to the very nice lady at the Spruce Meadows RV Park. Then we were off.


We drove down the road to the glacier. When we rounded a corner we were greeted with an enormous mass of blue ice cradled between two peaks as it spilled into the lake below. “This is awesome!” I exclaimed, “I’m so glad we came back today. Yesterday the glacier was impressive but today it is awesome.”


We looked at the Mendenhall Glacier. We took much better pictures with my camera. We admired the icebergs floating in the lake.


On the way back to the car we decided to walk the little trail marked “Bear Activity.” That little jaunt paid off big. We saw and smelled rotting salmon in the creek flowing from Mendenhall Lake. We watched salmon that were only days away from rotting swimming in the lake. Then we saw the big pay off…We saw an adolescent black bear (although not all black bears are black, this one actually was). He was wandering around by the stream.


Of course, everyone on the raised platform was very interested in his every move. We all followed him around silently. He was on the ground and we were on the platform but when he would move we’d all shuffle after him without saying a word. He showed us his rear end a lot and the few times he looked up at us. He did not look amused by his celebrity. I felt like we were all paparazzi without the rude remarks. I got a picture of him giving us a very unimpressed look.


The Brakes Work


Matt announced that the outside brakes on the car work now that they are all dried out.


Ferry Again


We arrived at the Juneau ferry terminal with much time to spare. We loaded the car on the ferry and were under way to Whittier via the trans gulf rout on a ferry called the Kenicott. Although the aft lounge on this ferry looked like it was straight out of the ‘70’s with its wood paneled walls, you could tell this ferry was newer than the Columbia. There were way more electrical outlets and several plasma screen TVs with maps showing where the boat was as well as information on speed, current, tide and other interesting things like that. This ferry did not have a restaurant on it like the Columbia. This ferry only had a cafeteria.


Also, on this ferry the solarium was enclosed and there were no open camping spaces. So, we decided to set up our tent to let it dry. We figured we would sleep on one of the chase lounges next to the tent. To our surprise, the tent only took about an hour to dry so we slept in it after all.


When the ferry hit open water the ride got a little rough. I was prepared though. I took Bonine before the ferry left port.


We spent a lot of time in the forward lounge on this ferry today. It is a nice place to hang out. It is also where the rangers give their talks. I worked on my leopard print crochet/cross stitch blanket. Matt worked on making videos of the trip so far. I napped a little bit. We both listened to the rangers talk. It was very nice


The rangers on this boat gave much better talks than the ranger on the other boat. These rangers seemed to have done a little more research and their talks were longer. I liked it.

Speedster and Teardrop at Campsite in Juneau Matt in Speedster with Teardrop in front of Office at Campground in Juneau
Jess & Matt in Speedster with Teardrop in front of Spruce Meadows RV Park Sign in Juneau Rounding the Corner to the Mendenhall Glacier
Mendenhall Glacier Spilling into Mendenhall Lake Icebergs in Mendenhall Lake
Mendenhall Lake Mendenhall Glacier Spilling into Mendenhall Lake
Matt & Jess in front of Mendenhall Glacier Waterfall at Mendenhall Glacier
Forest Service Building at Mendenhall Glacier Mendenhall Glacier and Waterfall
Mendenhall Glacier People Gathered Around the Speedster and Teardrop at the Mendenhall Glacier
Matt Filming Speedster and Teardrop in Mendenhall Glacier Parkinglot  Mendenhall Glacier Lookout
The Bear's Rear End The Bear
The Bear Looking Unimpressed Bay in Juneau
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