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Notable Stops: Yakatat


Today the ferry stopped in Yakatat. We got off the boat to look around town. It was a very short look as Yakatat is about like North San Juan, California. There is a grocery store, a bar, a restaurant, a gas station and a post office. Ok, Yakatat might have had a little more than North San Juan because Yakatat also has a Forest Service Station, a port, sandy beaches that are way to cold for Californians and surfable waves.


Once the ferry was under way again we listened to ranger talks, napped, I knit, we ate in the cafeteria.


Impromptu Knitting Circle


Today I worked on the pink Vogue Knitting shrug I started in the spring. I ran out of yarn so I had to switch to working on the socks. While knitting on the pink socks in the forward lounge a lady (who knits but has not done it in a long time) took an interest in all the knitting projects people were working on in various parts of the lounge. She walked from person to person and asked them about their projects.


After speaking with me about my project the lady made her way over to a young lady knitting a purse. The inquisitive lady hurried back to me and said, “Bring your project to show. I also want you to see this purse this other gal is working on.” I picked up my stuff and followed the inquisitive lady to the “other gal.”


I asked if I could sit down next to the “other gal” and she said yes. I introduced myself and the “other gal” told me her name is Shereen. As Shereen was showing off the knit purse she already made and was telling us about the one she was currently making I noticed the inquisitive lady managed to gather all the knitters in forward lounge in this one corner. We were now having an impromptu knitting circle.


Upon talking to Shereen more I learned she is interning on the Kenicott. She is a student at the Maritime Academy in Northern California and she lives in Northern California. The more we spoke the more I figured she’d fit in well with our Friday night knitting group. She also knew what Precious Metal Clay is and wanted to work with it. That was all very cool.


Tour of the Engine Room


As Shereen and I spoke more I started asking her questions about the working on the boat and the more she stared asking questions about the Speedster.


I have always been very interested in how big boats work and what goes on behind the scenes. She told me I could come out to her school when we are back in Calif and see the training ship. She then told me she might be able to give us a tour of the engine room on the ferry we were ridding.


Apparently the guys in the engine room (and pretty much all the guys on the ferry for that matter) have been drooling over the Speedster and checking out what we have on it. I told Shereen we could probably give a couple of the guys in the engine room a ride in the Speedster once we got to Whittier tomorrow. I told her she could definitely have a ride when we got the Whittier, regardless of getting to tour the engine room.


After awhile Shereen went to dinner and when she returned she reported we could have a tour and the guys were ok with only her getting to ride in the Speedster. Man! Matt and I were excited! We have wanted to tour the engine room of a big boat for a long time and tonight we were going to do it.


8pm arrived and Shereen found us in the forward lounge where we’d been knitting earlier. The tour was so cool. I don’t really know what to say about it except the engines are really big, the engine room is really loud and all the things they have to keep the ferry running are so cool. They even have a complete machine shop on the ferry to fix and make things when needed.


Entering the Port in Yakatat Entering the Port in Yakatat
Mountains Workshop in the Engine Room of the Kenicott
One of the Two Diesel Engines in the Engine Room of the Kenicott Engine Room of the Kenicott
Engine of the Kenicott Shereen and Matt in the Engine Room of the Kenicott
Engine Room of the Kenicott Engine Room of the Kenicott
Suns Set off the Bow the Kenicott
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