Giant Pumpkins

Jess with the giant pumpkin in the bed of the 1915 Model T Roaster Pickup April 17, 2011 - Matt turned under the cover crop in the back yard this afternoon with a Rotatiller while I loosened the dirt around the wine barrels. After we were done in the dirt I put Dill's Giant Atlantic pumpkin seeds in some dirt filled starter trays to sprout. I also put some other seeds in dirt filled starter trays to sprout (corn, beans, peas, some flowers, cucumber, watermelon, cantaloupe, apple gourds, luffas and I think that is about it). The tomatoes I started last month are doing well (what remains of them anyway). My plan for next month is to start sprouting the Howden Biggie pumpkins. In June I plan to sprout the baby pumpkins. 

May 6, 2011 - Matt rotatilled the back yard again today. The cover crop he turned over a little less than a month ago was laying on top of the soil decaying for the last few weeks. Matt turned it back under and now the soil looks like it has little bits of straw laying on top of it.

My goal is to get the giant pumpkins in the ground this weekend. They are definitely ready for it and the weather heated up last week so I think they will do just fine. I also plan to get the tomatoes and other plants in the ground this weekend. We'll see how that goes. I had to finish preparing evidence for a hearing a week from today and I have to do the bookkeeping for the office and get the billing out. After all that is done I get to play in the garden. 

Jess' 2010 Giant Pumpkin is ready to go to the Elk Grove Pumpkin Festival weigh off in style in the bed of the 1915 Model T Roaster Pickup.

Pumpkins, Gourds and Squash Jess Plans to Grow This Season


Date to Start Actual Start Date Date in Ground Projected Size Days to Germinate Days to Harvest  Target Harvest Date

Actual Harvest Date

Dill's Giant Atlantic                           05/24 04/17 400 lb 3 130 10/01
Howden Biggie 06/22 40 lbs 7-10 115 10/15
Black Japanese Futsu Squash 06/17 3-8 lbs 110-120 10/15
Batman Pumpkin -Cucurbita pepo 1 lb 10/15
Baby Boo Pumpkin 07/12 3" across 95 10/15
Jack Be Little Pumpkin 07/12 3" across 95 10/15
Microwaveable Mini Pumpkin 07/07 4-5 oz 100 10/15
Carnival Gourd 10/15
Pumpkin Pepper 10/15
Pumpkin Kakai 5-8 lbs 10/15
Spaghetti Winter Squash 07/24 3 100 11/01
Lufa  12" long 10 11/01
Apple Gourd 6"-8" 14 10/15